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In 1990, a 280 sq. ft. addition was built on the front of the main lodge to add much needed bathroom space.


In 1991, additional insulation and new siding brought the shower house up to date. New pressure-treated decks have replaced all the existing old ones.

Much time and energy are now invested in maintaining the existing facilities each year! In 1992, two campsites were added.


In 1993, the old playground was replaced with newer and safer equipment. We were able to secure a license for signs on Rt. 11 and to erect three new direction signs. Just before camp the walkways to cabins Daniel’s Den and Shalom were asphalted. Specific gifts this year include a commercial ice maker for the dining room and computers with printers for the office. We are encouraged when God answers our specific prayers with non-solicited gifts! A major project for 1993 was the cleaning and deepening of Miracle Pond!


In 1995 “Towers” were added to the playground area. We lost Grace Cottage due to a fire caused by arson. We await God’s provision to rebuild.


1996 was a building year here at Maranatha. On March 20th a propane fire destroyed the restroom facilities building. We immediately began to rebuild and dedicated the new building on June 23rd. The new facilities are larger and include a much needed multi-purpose room. Building has also progressed on Grace Cottage II including the floor, walls and roof. We have never had the blessing of so many quality builders. Over 125 feet of paved walkways were also added. We also had teens that have made some serious decisions about following the Lord.


Whether it’s our bodies or our building, as we age and mature, maintenance becomes a higher priority, doesn’t it! This year we stained 4 cabins & the front of the main lodge and tended to several small repairs. MMAP’s in June and RVIC’s in September accomplished a lot. We finished Grace Cottage II which now stands completed with its 4 bedrooms and 4 baths as testimony of God’s provision! For 11 years we had prayed to add Mercy Cottage to our property. Finally on June 30th, papers were passed after an outpouring of financial gifts came in, allowing us to acquire this companion cottage adjacent to Grace, debt-free. It nestles in the woods, ready to serve with a completely renovated bathroom, along with a new roof & foundation. Thank you to each of you who have given your time, skills and energy to finish the job with excellence!


1998 saw a lot of progress on Summit Shelter after a number of idle years. The first phase is now framed and shingled thanks to many gifts and work teams from area churches.

Our first retreats for Home Schooling parents were overwhelmingly received, so we’ll be hosting more this coming year.

Mercy Cottage now wears new windows and siding.

One of our goals was to see an increase in retreat usage, and it did double!

Most fulfilling was the salvation of over a dozen young people during summer Junior Camps!


1999 was a fruitful year with many lives challenged. This was the year of installing signs with over 20 now marking rooms, roads & buildings. Construction on Summit Shelter continued with 3 milestones accomplished. The well is hitched up, the line to the leach field is installed and the unbelievable details of getting electricity in are ALL DONE! You get a better grasp of our excitement realizing the access road to the building was put in way back in 1985.

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