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2000 saw two wonderful Family Camps and a dramatically changed Boys Week. Construction on Summit Shelter continues with the finishing of the siding, and the installation of a sprinkler system along with many other details.


We continue to hear reports of lives that have been changed after attending a retreat here! What encouragement! Summit Shelter’s first phase is nearly finished. A September MMAP’s project completed 3 decks on the new building.


The year 2002 housed special blessings. Nine young ladies at Girls Camp made commitments to the Lord Jesus Christ. Families grew closer together at Family Camps.

Summit Shelter’s Phase I was completed with landscaping and an asphalt parking lot. Phase II’s foundation was completed. The Director’s family moved up from the Main Lodge to Phase I and they love their new home on the hill.

The Main Lodge, which previously housed the Director’s family (“temporarily” for 25 years!), is now boasting three bedrooms with queen-sized beds for staff and guests. Even the office has had a new face-lift with the addition of a registration counter, freshly painted walls and new carpeting.


It’s exciting to behold the history of Maranatha Ministries unfold before our eyes. In 2003 we enjoyed a bustling winter with five weekend retreats in a row.

Our painful setback was a bursting pipe at Grace Cottage which wreaked two days of destructive water damage. Most of the wreckage was cleared out and replaced within two weeks, just in time for retreat guests to move in. Grace Cottage, equipped with kitchen and sleeping for twenty, is now used nearly every weekend for mini-retreats or as housing for our larger retreats.

In June we promoted Maranatha family weeks at a booth at a Syracuse, NY conference. Its immediate yield was two new families with evidence of more to come.

This year was a year of building programs. Phase II of Summit has radiant heat installed in the lower floors, much of the framing is complete and 1000 feet of driveway was paved following extensive preparation to the roadway and shoulders. Pond View and one section of the main lodge were shingled. Gifts made 2003 a banner year for purchasing equipment, including a dump truck, backhoe and compactor. We are grateful to all those God has used to provide so wonderfully.


We continued to work at the maintenance of 15 buildings, some now 30 years old. The dining room was re-shingled and new outside lighting installed. Teen programs were restored with each gender having their own program. These were a great success. Teen girls will enjoy a 9 day program in 2005. Our first Family Fair Day in October was enjoyed by nearly 200 people who participated in numerous activities. Construction continued on Phase II of Summit Shelter with the two-story area framed and the entire phase roofed. Two parking areas were paved. Cabins were pressure washed and restained, additional parking spaces were added for Grace Cottage.


Family weeks were fuller. The homeschool Mom’s Retreat saw hearts turned towards their husbands and children in a supernatural way.

Major renovations in the dining room included new concrete floor with radiant heat, a new furnace, new tile and carpet.

“Pond View” received a new living room carpet and new asphalt on the driveway. The campsite road was paved along with the parking lot at Summit Shelter.

Portions of the Summit’s heating and sprinkler system were completed.

This year we committed to sending a monthly prayer list to area churches involved in this ministry. We are excited about you who uphold us in prayer.

The board instituted a “Let your light shine” adoption program and encouraged individuals, families and churches to adopt a building or a project.


Maranatha is a spot where life long friendships begin. It’s a joy to see all the re-unitings here each summer!

Work progressed on Summit Shelter’s phase II including installation of ten exterior doors and extensive plumbing. Culvert work was completed.

Main lodge renovations included new walls, sinks and flooring in the bathroom, new lighting which washes the buffet table with brilliance as well as a new roof on the office.

Campers on Mission, a group of volunteers from Arizona to South Carolina accomplished many of these projects.

Our Columbus Day Family Fair Day brought out over 300 people this year.


Spring brought the troops out from Colonial Hills Baptist Church (involved her of rover 23 years). They emptied, cleaned and painted the entire main kitchen. They also tore up the floor in preparation for new tile. What a difference!

We carved out a spot for a new 20’ x 30’ petting barn near the playground. All the lumber come from the property. One highlight of this project was a group of Amish friends who vigorously installed the roof rafters, sheathing and shingles.

At Summit Shelter three decks now stand and most of the siding is installed.

Also you can now ascend a new 120’ long asphalt walkway to the Outdoor Chapel.


We were excited to have more families attend Family Weeks.

Construction continued on Phase II of Summit Shelter with siding completed, a section of the sprinkler system added and three electrical panels installed.

Excavation projects included the relocation of 300’ of the road to the summit, a new picnic area by the Lodge and main entrance improvements.

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