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Exciting Staff Update!

Posted May 17, 2022

We’re excited to announce the arrival of two new staff members!

To meet the needs of camp and continue stewarding our budget well, all our staff are currently raising missionary support to serve in full-time or part-time capacities. This minimizes the need for team members to work additional jobs while volunteering in vital camp roles. 

We’re excited to see how God continues to build our staff team. Having more part-time and full-time staff allows us to impact more families and churches than has ever been possible in Maranatha history!

If God is prompting you to support a staff member, you can give below. 


Nicole is primarily filling a need in food service this summer event season, including overseeing kitchen shifts and helping with food orders and inventory. In the fall, she’ll transition to Office Manager, helping with guest services, billing, and various other office work, while continuing to serve in food service during events.



Allison’s serving as our Communications Manager. She’s overseeing various communication forms–ministry emails, social media, website updates, and other things on the side (as goes with camp territory). You’ll sometimes find her photojournaling camp events.


We can’t wait for you to get to know our staff team better as you attend events this year!

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