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Financial Aid

Camp Maranatha works hard to keep camp rates affordable for families in any season of life. For those working through financial hardship, we want to help! This policy and application process helps us steward donor funds and maximize our financial aid reach while maintaining and promoting local church communities. 

While it is our desire that everyone be able to come to camp, we acknowledge there are limitations. For those who have walked through the process outlined below, need-based aid will be dispersed as God provides the funds.

Please pray with us for God’s abundant provision!


Church Involvement

Because church communities are such an integral part of personal growth and strengthening families, Maranatha requires all scholarship applicants to request assistance from their local church first. If additional funds are needed beyond what your church is able to provide, we ask for a simple reference from your church leadership (download Financial Aid Info Packet  for details). This elevates your church’s ability to know and help meet your needs while providing a healthy level of accountability. 

Not currently part of a local church? If you’re not currently connected to a local church community, we strongly encourage you to start there. We believe church life is an integral part of spiritual development. If you need a list of recommended churches in your area, we’ll be happy to provide one.


We ask all applicants to prayerfully consider what they are able to pay in addition to the minimum required deposit.

Event Category

Families may only apply for aid in one event category per year: 

  • Retreats (max 2)
  • Family Camp
  • Youth Camp

Application Deadlines

  • Retreat applications are due 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • Family Camp applications are due by June 5. 
    Please keep in mind that family camps can fill up by late spring and your eligibility for a scholarship is dependent on your application and church reference form.
  • Youth Camp applications are due by June 15.
    Please keep in mind that these events typically fill up by late spring and your eligibility for a scholarship is dependent on your application and church reference form.


We ask all scholarship recipients to agree to the following:

  • Commit to saving toward future events they hope to attend. 
  • Prayerfully consider giving back to Camp Maranatha’s financial aid fund as God blesses and circumstances improve, so others can attend camp.
  • Consider attending a future Serving Saturday at camp.

*Cancellations: If a family receiving financial aid cancels before or during an event, that family will not be eligible for a scholarship for the rest of the calendar year. 

4 Step Process

1. Pray about what you can reasonably afford

Prayerfully consider your specific financial needs and priorities for the next year, anticipated resources, and God’s ability to fully meet those needs.

2. Connect with your church leadership

After you’ve determined what you can afford, download, print, and fill out the church sponsorship section of the Financial Aid Info Packet (page 3) and give it to your pastor, elder, or deacon. Explain your need and share what you hope to get out of the event. Ask if they will consider sponsoring the rest of your event fee and/or fill out a reference form for a Maranatha scholarship.

3. Fill out an online scholarship application*

Be prepared to submit the following essay questions:

  • Please describe what you, your child, or family, are hoping to get out of this event (minimum 150 words).
  • Please describe the financial hardship that is currently limiting your ability to come to camp (minimum 100 words).

Financial Aid Application

         *Your eligibility for a camp scholarship is dependent upon Maranatha receiving a church leader reference form (step 2).

4. Register for the event online

Sign up online and pay the required minimum deposit. The additional amount you determined you can afford in step 1 should be submitted by the week prior to the event.

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