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a week all about spiritual growth

Ignite Youth exists to set minds and hearts ablaze for God, as students study who God is and how that impacts their daily lives. With this goal in mind, students are immersed in God’s living and active Word through sessions, breakouts, discussion times, Scripture memorization, and personal Bible study (Heb. 4:12). We want camp to be an atmosphere where students explore their faith and are challenged to take the next step in their walk with Christ, while reminding them of their daily need for Jesus.

Every Maranatha event is designed to strengthen families and support local churches in the New England region. We think there’s value for youth to learn more about Jesus in a different context, giving time to digest and respond to the truth. And as students encounter Jesus, that transformation will impact their families as they return home. We also pray that these camps will inspire students to return to their churches ready to own their faith and actively serve.

Applications open March 1!


Ignite Youth is designed for ages 10-16 (We encourage 17+ to consider applying to serve with our awesome team of staff and volunteers)

IGNITE GIRLS: July 16-19, 2024 (Tuesday 9:30am arrival - Friday 7pm closing program)
IGNITE BOYS: July 23-26, 2024 (Tuesday 9:30am arrival - Friday 7pm closing program)

CABINS: Grouped primarily by age taking into consideration spiritual maturity
INCLUDES: Each child takes home a packet with fun Ignite Youth swag and ongoing discipleship materials!


PLEASE NOTE: this event requires an application instead of registration. So the students can dive deep into the Word, this program is kept intentionally small. We love to invest in students who are eager to learn and grow in their faith and who are willing to submit to our guidelines. 

  • + What types of activities will my child participate in?

    Some favorites include canoeing/kayaking, swimming, archery, petting bunnies at the animal barn, gaga ball, and more! Some activities change from year to year or are weather/volunteer dependent.

  • + What kind of teaching will my child receive?

    There are two engaging, biblical teaching sessions each day, along with discussion times to help your kids apply what they’ve learned. Our purpose in the teaching times is to know God more deeply and pursue a relationship with Him, while learning of their daily need for Jesus.

  • + Can I send food with my child? What about allergies?

    Because Maranatha values keeping camp affordable, our allergy accommodations are limited. Our small kitchen is not equipped to prepare specialized food for allergies. Whenever possible, we offer main menu items that are gluten-friendly (items that are not made with gluten, but are made in the same kitchen as wheat/gluten may contain trace amounts) or accessible for various allergies (a protein without gluten or dairy, for example). Please make a note of your child’s allergies in your registration so we can plan quantities accurately. We do our best to label food that our guests are allergic to. 

    You’re welcome to send supplemental food if your child is on a specific diet or needs specific food (ready to eat or microwaveable); just let your counselor know when you arrive. We have fridge space in the dining hall designated for this.

  • + How many students are in a room?

    There are six kids per Summit West room with one counselor. 

  • + Can my child request a roommate?

    No, but if a friend is in the same age bracket and is also accepted, it’s likely they will be together.

  • + My kid is sick right before camp; do we need to cancel?

    Your child must be fever free and symptom free for 24 hours before coming to camp. If you need to cancel, please email .

  • + Do you offer refunds if I need to cancel?

    Camp Maranatha does not want your inability to attend an event to cause financial hardship. Deposits are non-refundable as they cover processing fees. Any payments made in excess of the deposit may be refunded if given notice at least three weeks prior to the event, or if you have a family emergency or sickness at the time of the event. You can also opt to donate your registration fee towards our scholarship fund.

  • + How do I know if my child is ready for camp?

    There are questions you can ask to help gauge if your child is ready for overnight camp: Is your child interested in and excited about coming to camp? How do they handle being away from home overnight? Is separation easy or difficult? How do they handle their own routines and making simple decisions? We encourage you to wait to send your child if they are not eager to come or don’t handle overnight visits away from home well.

  • + My child can’t make it on Tuesday or has to leave before camp ends; can they still come?

    In order to experience the full week of activities and teaching, we ask that students not come to camp unless they are able to commit to the whole time.

  • + Can my child bring their phone/ipad/computer?

    Ignite Youth weeks are electronic free. Please leave all devices at home. If your child brings a device, a counselor will confiscate it for the week.

  • + Other questions?

    Email .

  • + Do you offer scholarships?

    See our scholarship policy/process here. If that’s not a good option, we also encourage students to help raise their own funds for camp (odd jobs, asking friends and family to help them cover the registration fee so they can grow in their relationship with God). There are lots of creative options!