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There are many ways to get involved at Maranatha!

Looking for a volunteer opportunity in central NH? Want to give back to Camp Maranatha? We have many opportunities for you to serve with us! There are four main ways to get involved. Read below to see what would be the best fit.


Many hands make light work! Bring your family, youth group, small group, or school group for a few hours serving together. Simple and advanced projects available, including: mulching, raking, cleaning, organizing, tree chopping, clearing or burning brush, painting, maintenance projects, and more. No application required, but please RSVP below. 

Spring Vacation Service Days - April 15 | April 16 | April 22 | April 23 (9-2pm, lunch provided with outdoor camp games available afterwards)

Serving Saturdays - May 18 | June 8  (9-1pm, lunch provided)

To join a serving day, email us at with the number of adults and kids attending and the date you’re coming.


Help us impact more families by serving in an important event role! If you hope to volunteer during an event, our main roles are in food service, groundskeeping, and housekeeping. Must be 14+ to apply.

  • Food service - dining hall, dish pit, food prep (18+)
  • Groundskeeping - mowing, weed whacking, lawn care, snow removal, brush removal
  • Housekeeping - bathrooms, stocking supplies, vacuuming
  • Programming - overseeing or teaching an activity/skill (e.g. painting/drawing, .22 shooting, archery, small building project, or craft); time commitment generally 2-4 hours 

Fill out the BASIC application


If you want to come on a semi-regular schedule (weekly/bi-monthly), you can serve in ways that help us keep our property and facilities in good shape. Must be 16+ to apply. 

  • Groundskeeping - mowing, weed whacking, lawn care, snow removal, brush removal
  • Handyman - carpentry, fix-it projects
  • Skilled - electric, plumbing, framing, mechanical, etc.
  • Housekeeping - cleaning guest rooms, bathrooms, stocking supplies, vacuuming, etc.

Fill out the BASIC application


Leadership roles are designed for those who are willing to take on more responsibility. You must be able to take initiative, be proactive, and responsibly take ownership of an area. All these roles require a full event commitment. Must be 16+ to apply.

None of these roles require involvement prior to the event. Please mark any and all roles you’re interested in. Please note that often in camp roles you will be asked to do other things as needed.

  • Activities / leading camp games - help organize and run activities, games, and tournaments for guests
  • AV / sound tech - run sound and powerpoint for sessions, handle and troubleshoot issues
  • Counselor - co-lead a group of 12 students in a specific age bracket, keeping them on schedule and discipling as you go (see counselor info packet for more details)
  • Cook - execute the menu (planned by camp), make sure food is cooked properly and seasoned well, lead volunteers, ensure timely meals and cleanup
  • Childcare - watching 0-4 year olds during family camp sessions 
  • Dining hall - oversee food line and make sure food doesn’t run out, make sure dish carts don’t overfill, keep dining hall clean, handle issues and oversee volunteers as needed
  • Facilities - oversee an area of the property, making sure it’s kept up well
  • Nurse - oversee wound care and medications for a youth camp week
  • Photography - photojournal a camp event, uploading photos to guest photo app and helping create slideshow if summer event
  • Worship - planning and leading worship for a weekend retreat or camp week, or playing an instrument/singing to help lead

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