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Church Retreats

Looking for a place to host your church retreat? We’d love to have you!

When we are not running an event, Maranatha is available for rent during the months of February through November. Check out our calendar of events to view potential openings. 


  • Summit West // includes 15 hotel-style guest rooms. Each room includes a full private bath, 1 queen bed, and 2 wooden twin or cot bunks. Portable cot bunks are available upon request (room capacity 6-8; max 120). WiFi Available.

  • Grace Cottage // has its own off-property driveway with trails that connect it to the main campus. The cottage includes four guest rooms, each with one queen bed and 2-4 cot bunks. It overlooks Marsh Pond (season dependent canoeing/kayaking available) and includes a shared kitchen, living room, and rec room (room capacity 6-10; max 32). No WiFi; spotty cell service.

  • Joy (Lodge bunk room) // downstairs below the Lodge dining room extension. Includes 1 queen bed, 4 portable cot bunks, 3/4 bath, and couch (max capacity 10). No WiFi; spotty cell service.


  • Worship Center - Seats approximately 150
  • Lighthouse Room - Seats approximately 50
  • Dining Room - Seats approximately 100


  • In order to keep costs low, we ask that all guest groups and rentals clean used rooms with provided cleaning supplies and return spaces to original configurations.
  • Guests provide their own bedding and towels.


Pricing is dependent on group size and how many meals* are included.

Nights Meals* Rate / Person
1 1 $65
1 2 $70
1 3 $75
2 4 $115
2 5 $120
3 8 $170
4 11 $230
5 14 $300

For example, a 2 night, 5 meal/2 snacks retreat - $120 / person (minimum of 30 adults). 

If you would like to inquire about a guest group rental, please email:
(minimum 6 week advanced booking required)

*A minimum of 30 adults (ages 13 and up) is required for Maranatha to provide meals. Children ages 4-12 are half price; no charge for ages 0-3.