Pray First

Guiding our Steps and Stops

Posted June 2, 2022

“God not only orders our steps, He orders our stops.”

George Muller

Often we think of God’s blessing in terms of gifts. But what if the best thing for us is the loss of something or the detour of our own plans? As Muller says, God sovereignly orders our stops. We tend to see lack as bad, but God’s perspective is so much larger than ours. 

We learned recently that Grace Cottage is in need of some significant repairs (scope and cost to be determined) before it can be utilized by guests again.

Around the same time, we discovered that our Summit generator needs some repairs, to the tune of about $4000, to get it back up and running properly for the camp season. Additionally, there are many vehicles and other smaller things that need repairs, as goes with the territory of a 50 year old camp. With many projects and extensive planning in the works, along with our busy summer season around the corner, we know that this is beyond our capabilities, so we are relying on God to provide people and finances for these repairs. We’re praying earnestly for God’s provision, and trusting Him with the results.

Temporarily, we had to make the difficult decision to close Grace this summer, which is disappointing right before summer camps. But as Chris Edmunds, founder of Camp Maranatha would say, “It’s not a problem; it’s an opportunity!” So we’re looking at the opportunity to scale back a little and be super intentional this summer, knowing God’s plan is perfect and that He will still work and transform lives.

Will you join us in praying for God’s provision?


  • We are able to make the summer season work with this unexpected closure, with few repercussions on guests!

  • Discovering the maintenance issues with Grace before a potential crisis. 

  • Summer family camps and youth camps are almost full!

Pray for

  • Financial provision for the costly repairs ahead.

  • People who can partner with us to supply the needed skill and labor. 

  • Us to use this as an opportunity to lean on God and trust in Him, and not our own strength, resources, or wisdom.