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2024 Resilient: A Couples' Conference

September 21

Pursuing a gospel infused marriage.

A conference designed for married, engaged, and dating couples considering marriage.

Whether you’ve been married for 25 years or you are considering marriage, this conference is designed to deepen your relationship with God and one another by infusing it with the gospel. Through sessions, discussions, good food, and quality time, take the opportunity to invest in your marriage (or potential marriage).


Every Maranatha event is designed to inspire life-changing encounters with Jesus, so we plan events to provide rest, encouragement, strengthen core relationships, promote local church communities, and remind of our daily need for the gospel as believers. We keep the schedule as relaxed as possible, with options to do as little or much as you’d like while you’re here (see FAQs below for more details).

ARRIVAL: 8-8:30am Saturday (coffee and snacks available)
DEPARTURE: 5pm Saturday (early departure 3:30pm if needed)

Saturday morning snacks and Lunch provided.

SPEAKERS: Tim & Sue Howard

With 40 years of marriage counseling experience, Tim and Sue love to help couples deepen their relationship with God and one another, learn to handle conflict biblically, and love sacrificially. Their engaging, interactive, and practical teaching will encourage and challenge your relationship and model what pursuing a gospel infused marriage looks like.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • + What are sessions like?

    There will be three sessions over the day to give you spiritual encouragement and help you connect on a deeper level.

  • + What should we bring?

    Bible and notebook, casual, comfortable clothes (we recommend layers for varying indoor and outdoor temps).


    Note: We desire to provide an atmosphere of modesty as Scripture demonstrates (Gen. 3:21, 1 Cor. 12:23, 1 Tim. 2:9). While we have freedom in Christ in how we apply the principles of modesty, we ask that discretion and deference guide your clothing choices for camp. 

  • + Can I bring my baby?

    If you have a nursing baby, you’re welcome to bring them. There are speakers in the lobby if you need to take the baby out during session.

  • + Do we need to bring any food?

    Lunch is provided, and morning and afternoon snacks will be available.

  • + What about food allergies?

    Whenever possible, we offer main menu items that are gluten-friendly* or easy to work with various allergies (protein, sides, veggies). Lunch offers a full salad bar. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate severe allergies. We apologize for the inconvenience.


    If you are on a specific diet and need to bring supplemental food (ready to eat or microwaveable), that is fine too. We have fridge space designated for this purpose.


    *gluten-friendly: items that do not contain gluten, but made in the same kitchen as other items with wheat/gluten, so they are not certified gluten-free. 

  • + How do I apply for financial aid?

    Camp Maranatha works hard to keep camp rates affordable in any season of life. For those working through financial hardship, we want to help! Check out our scholarship policy page to get started on our four-step process. 

  • + What if I need to cancel?

    Please email to let us know.

    Cancellation policy:
    Camp Maranatha does not want your inability to attend an event to cause financial hardship. Deposits are non-refundable as they cover processing fees. Any payments made in excess of the deposit may be refunded if given notice at least one week prior to the event, or if you have a family emergency or sickness at the time of the event. You can also opt to donate your registration fee towards our scholarship fund.